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Xpeerience Group creates fun and unique team building events for companies in Toronto and the GTA.

call: 416-461-4400

We offer a diverse range of team building activities, from flag football to hands-on cooking classes, and all our programs can be fully customized to your group's needs

call: 416-461-4400

interactive team building games

Our most popular program, the Ultimate Xpeerience includes your choice of 4-6 team building activities from a list of 32 available sports and games. Your group gets a little bit of everything.

cooking team building exercises

The culinary team building experience teaches your team how to cook well together and make more educated food choices. Cooking experiences are hands-on, interactive workshops led by chefs

drum circle team building events

Ideal for those who don’t want to work but bang on the drums all day (or at least for a couple hours), the Xpeerience Group Hands on Drumming is a rhythm-based learning program that fosters harmonious teamwork.

digital scavenger hunt

The most digitally advanced team building exercise out there, the Wildgoose Xpeerience is an Amazing Race using GPS technology.

soccer dome beach volleyball rentals

While onsite at Polson Pier, you can exclusively book our facilities for a recreational rental, sporting tournament, training sessions, conference, film shoot, holiday party etc.

yoga team building

Our 60-90 minute Team Yoga classes can be scheduled over lunch or after work. You determine the time and the place as well as the style of yoga.

charity team building programs

These programs incorporate some of our fun and engaging team building activities, with the objective of giving back to your organization and the community.

obstacle course bootcamp team building

The team obstacle challenge is a high intensity, hour-long workout that gets your employees hearts racing, so they go back to work ready to close a sale or launch a marketing campaign with vigour.

dragon boating in welland

Dragon boating takes place on the Welland Canal, a popular spot for recreational dragon boating and the site of the Welland Dragon Boat Festival.

We provide you with customized programming that will get your team working together to have an overall amazing experience. Phone: 416-461-4400 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.